The 7th Annual Venice Design Series

The 7th Annual Venice Design Series offers four special and safe events showcasing the talents and artistic vision found in Los Angeles’ unique neighborhoods. The 2021 Series will offer three private outdoor experiences that will focus on outdoor art installations, urban farms and the garden of celebrated landscape designers. …And a very special Mother’s Day luncheon at the home of Jay Griffith in Hancock Park. For more information please, visit

COVID-19 UPDATE: The pandemic has challenged us to creatively engineer an experience that will allow guests to safely explore exciting outdoor spaces throughout Los Angeles. VDS 2021 will follow all Covid-19 public health recommendations and prioritize everyone’s safety. While these guidelines may evolve, the current plans require hosts and guests to wear masks throughout the self-guided tours and drive separately to each location. We will also ensure that guests maintain their distance from others through staggered arrival times and limits on the number of people at any site.

In 2019, all six Venice Design Series events sold out and grossed $234,000 to help Venice Community Housing in our mission to promote affordable housing and supportive services across LA’s Westside. Photos and descriptions of all previous events are on the website:

For any questions, please contact event co-founder Linda Lucks at 310-526-3857 or send an email at to:

For general event questions, please contact Nyleen Viegas at plan A events – | 310-860-1300

Co-founders: Jay Griffith and Linda Lucks
Co-chairs: Cecilia Dan, Carla Kirkeby, Donna Manders,
and Dana & Eric Newman