Arts Community Collective

Venice Community Housing has a Community Advocacy Committee, comprised of Board, staff, tenants, students and other community leaders, focused on increasing awareness of issues surrounding homelessness and advocating for local, state and federal policies that sustain vibrant and diverse communities.

In keeping with this mission, VCH’s Community Advocacy Committee developed the Arts Initiative known as Arts Community Collective (Arts C2; ArtsCSquared). Arts C2 works to create public art that moves VCH into a broader role as cultural provider, improving public and common space and continue in the efforts to reduce homelessness.

Arts C2’s purpose is to engage regional and local artists, residents, and community members to implement visual arts within the Venice area and provide a valuable cultural opportunity for our tenants, students, Venice residents and surrounding communities. Arts C2 seeks to bring change to the communal experience between people and place by incorporating arts into the social interactions of the everyday life of Venice residents.

Get involved:

Lincoln Mural

On Saturday, January 11th, community members, mural participants and artist, Ivo Vergara, gathered for ArtsC2’s Mural Reveal Party. This mural, located at VCH’s administrative offices (200 Lincoln Blvd.), depicts portraits of Venice and West L.A. residents, including Jatuan Valentine, Tito, Bon, Kayleigh, Madison, George and Lisa.


LA2050 Challenge:

VCH was awarded LA2050 funds to create four murals at four of our affordable and supportive housing sites in 2020. Locations for the upcoming murals include: 102 Navy St., 12525 Washington Pl., 4216 Centinela Ave, and 4429 Inglewood Blvd. Thank you to the Goldhirsh Foundation for this opportunity!

The selected mural artists to implement these creative solutions are Samantha Aguilar, Gary Palmer, Sergio Daniel Robleto and Henry Lipkis. Get to know them!

Samantha Aguilar is a Los Angeles based illustrator and painter. A lot of her inspiration comes from the Los Angeles Community. All of her paintings communicate a hopeful message, which the artist hopes will encourage people to feel represented and uplifted.

Gary Palmer was born in Belfast in 1968, and grew up in small town of Holywood, Northern Ireland. He completed a Master’s degree in Architecture at University of Edinburgh in 1992. He has traveled in Australia, Europe, and the U.S. making 3D Chalk drawings for international festivals.  Some of his accomplishments include winning competition for public art in London in 1994, and being commissioned for the Ulster Museum in Belfast in 1995. Gary emigrated to the U.S. in 1996, and now works from his studio in Venice, California.

Educator and Muralist Sergio Daniel Robleto has been actively engaging with multiple communities in order to produce murals that deliberately act as a platform and voice for the locals. Most notably is his collection of murals made in collaboration with the community of Boyle Heights. He manipulates the aesthetic of each mural so that it links directly with the aspirations, concerns, and culture of the people therein. The result he says ” is a wall that acts as a silent dialogue with the beholder.”

Henry Lipkis was born in Venice, and grew up on the boardwalk eating Big Daddy’s pizza, sitting on the grass sketching local characters, and slowly becoming one himself. Though now based in New Orleans, Venice has shaped and compelled him to paint substantive murals around the world for the last 10 years. After moving away and honing his community based practice, Henry is eager to return home to create a personal monument to Venice.

For more information regarding our Advocacy efforts and/or to get involved please contact our office at (310)399-4100. Email for additional information about Arts C2.