Section 8 Rent Subsidies

A Section 8 rent subsidy is paid by the LA Housing Authority on behalf of a tenant who has been approved by the Housing Authority. The subsidy equals the difference between what the approved rent and 30% of the tenant’s income. There are two kinds of Section 8 subsidies. Project Based Section 8 subsidies are issued to a Landlord by contract for designated units in his apartment building. VCH has no Project Based Section 8 contracts at this time. Section 8 vouchers are portable and are assigned to a tenant who must find a landlord who will take the subsidy payment as part of the rent. VCH has several tenants with Section 8 vouchers.

The Shelter Plus Care Program is like the Section 8 program in that a rent subsidy is paid to a landlord by the Housing Authority on behalf of a qualified and approved tenant. The difference is that only a homeless person with a disability is qualified to receive a Shelter Plus Care subsidy. The other difference is that supportive services equal or greater in value to the amount of the subsidy must be provided to the approved tenant. There are two kinds of Shelter Plus Care subsidies. Sponsor Based Shelter Plus Care subsidies are provided to a landlord by contract for specific rental units. Anyone living in that unit must be qualified and approved by the Housing Authority. VCH has a contract for 58 Sponsor Based Shelter Plus Care units in several properties owned by VCH. We recently added 20 additional sponsor based contracts through the Los Angeles County Housing for Health program for our new Gateway Apartments property.  The Housing for Health program strives to end homelessness in Los Angeles County, reduce inappropriate use of expensive health care resources, and improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations by providing permanent supportive housing, recuperative care, and specialized primary care to homeless people with complex physical and behavioral health conditions.
VCH also houses tenants with qualifying disabilities that have obtained a Tenant Based Shelter Plus Care Certificate from an approved service provider. VCH is responsible for providing and tracking and reporting on the supportive services delivered to tenants in our Sponsor Based S+C units.