Free Storage Venice

Our Free Storage Venice (FSV) program serves our homeless community members by providing a safe place for them to store their belongings and important documents, allowing them to travel, attend interviews or appointments and prevent theft or damage to personal belongings. The program currently resides in a city owned trailer on the ocean front walk near the paddle tennis courts. FSV provides 26 storage bins for those experiencing homelessness and operates Tuesdays through Saturdays for one hour, between 3:30 to 4:30PM. *Please note the new time starting Nov 6th for Daylight Savings*

However, due to the current needs of the community, 26 bins and one hour per day do not suffice. We have closed the wait list at 100, but the true estimated need is 300 bins. Since the program began in 2012, Venice Community Housing has made efforts to provide a larger permanent storage facility for the personal property of homeless people in the community whose belongings often litter the sidewalks and beach areas. In order to extend operating hours, we also need more volunteers! We are also looking for a larger, permanent location to expand the program and offer on-site case management services.

How to Help:
Volunteer to help staff the program. Contact Lucia Mendez at or call (424) 558-4993. Or click on the green “Volunteer” button.

For more information please contact Lucia Mendez at or call (424) 558-4993

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